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S.GIMIGNANO San Gimignano is called 'The City of the Beautiful Towers'. In the past it had many more than it does today, like all medieval towns. San Gimignano has conserved the most of its towers in respect to other cities. This renders it unique, which makes it a great tourist attraction all year round.

CASTELLINA IN CHIANTI The view from Castellina is dominated by the south valley of Chianti, vineyards as far as the eye can see, and further in the distance, several towns of the valdelsa, such as Colle, San Gimignano, Poggibonsi and Casole d' Elsa. Northward there is a small Etruscan necropolis which you can visit. Moreover, it is possibile to taste some of the best wine. We are of course in the area of Chianti Classico Gallo Nero.

RADDA IN CHIANTI Here is the acutal hear of Chianti. There are many wineries, which house wines from the most recognised factories in the region. Hills and vineyards everywhere; it seems as if you are in another world!

COLLE VAL D'ELSA The oldest part of Colle di Val d'Elsa is surrounded by stone which is on top of a hill with small valleys that surround it. In fact, these valleys divide it into three parts, "Piano", "Borgo" e "Castello ". Today they are known as "Colle bassa" e "Colle alta". It was here that the glass industry started towards the end of '500. The reason Colle is known all over the world is for its crystal.

MONTERIGGIONI Monteriggioni is the Sienese door to Val d'Elsa, and thus it was made by the Republic to be the fort for Francigena. Today, crossing the Romea or Franca door (the reference to Francigena is immediate) is like going back in time. Once a year inside the walls of Monteriggioni there is a medieval festival that we recommend you attend.

CASTELNUOVO BERARDENGA Surrounded by the fertile hills of Chianti and the incredibile wheat fields, the vast communal lands of Castelnuovo Berardenga encompass the north and east parts of Siena. Rich in water, the land, equally divided by forest and cultivable land, looks like a chessboard with unequal hills when looked at from castles, churches and fortresses.

ASCIANO Asciano is the ideal place to start from to reach l'Abbazia di Monteoliveto Maggiore (XIV cent.), the most important Sienese monastery founded by Bernardo Tolomei. In a magnificent position, between forests and cliff sides, it is noted for its frescoes from the first Renaissance. From Asciano there are amazing roads: the historical Lauretana wich leads towards Siena, the Via di Rapolano and the splendid white road of Monte Sante Marie.

TERME DI PETRIOLO This is a hot sulphur spring, which makes it possible to go to during the winter. A modern and comfortable thermal bath, equipped with the most sophisticated equipment to cure respiratory difficulties and also offering dermatology.

MONTALCINO Montalcino is placed on top of a charming hill of 564 m. At sea level, Montalcino has kept its fascinating medieval village untouched. Its land, which is part of the Natural and Cultural Park of Val d'Orcia, is covered in vines from which is made some of the highest quality wine.

PIENZA Pienza is in the heart of Val d'Orcia, a risen medieval town with the rites to be called a city. In the XV century, by the will of Papa Pio II, who was born there, construction plans were put in to place were unfortunately interrupted by his death in 1464; because of this, the rebuilding plans were stopped and Pienza returned to being one of the many agricultural centres.

MONTEPULCIANO The particular location behind hills between Valdichiana and Val d' Orcia has placed the city of Montepulciano in history, also for its urban design. Montepulciano is known mainly for its beautiful Renaissance squares, the elegant beauty of its churches and for its "Vino Nobile", one of the most internationally appreciated wines.

CHIANCIANO TERME Chianciano Terme is one of the more famous hot springs in Italy. It is situated in a lovely location, right between Val d'Orcia with its wheat fields and the fertile Valdichiana, between hills of Montepulciano vines and the beauties of Pienza's renaissance: a place to heal and relax but also a great starting point to discover the beauties of Tuscany.

BAGNO VIGNONI The only village in the world which have as the main square a bathtub of boiling thermal water.

ABBAZIA SANT'ANTIMO San't Antonio Abbey is a wonderful church complex , founded on an ex-voto attributed to Carlo Magno , around 750 A.C. and setted in Montalcino.

VOLTERRA This is a city which is rich in archeological findings, etruscan and roman. The most famous is a little bronze statue that is called '' l'ombra della sera'' (The afternoon shadow) because of its elongated form. Volterra is also famous for its works in alabaster. You can visit many aritst's shops to buy some of these wonderful pieces.